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Online Course

The 90-Day Meditation Transformation

Transform your life with this unique, online course. By the end of the 90 days, you will establish a deep, daily meditation practice for life or take your existing practice to the next level!

The 90-Day Meditation Transformation

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Ongoing - join anytime

Online Course

About the Event

Build an effective and sustainable daily practice in 90 days! Discover how yoga postures (asana) and breath work (pranayama) can make it easier to meditate, while improving your health and increasing your energy. 

This course is personalized for each participant and suitable for all levels of experience. It's great for beginners who could really benefit from 1:1 coaching and the guidance of a teacher. It's also ideal for experienced yogis who want to deepen their practice and their understanding of the Eight Limbs, or become more consistent in their practice.

Here are some key features of this 12-week, online course:

  • Weekly, 1:1 coaching sessions with Diana for guidance, support and gentle accountability.
  • A 7-Day Meditation Challenge to jump-start your daily practice
  • Weekly, live yoga classes designed according to your experience level.
  • Weekly, recorded lessons and discussions on the Eight Limbs of Yoga.
  • Monthly group meditations.
  • Some reading, writing and experiential assignments to complete at your own pace.

Tuition: $185 per month for 3 months. Course can be modified to suit your individual needs.

Reduced stress, a quieter mind, increased energy, happier moods, better sleep, reduced anxiety, increased health and vitality --these are just some of the benefits that participants in the program have reported. 

"From the beginning, Diana instructed that what I put into this, those rewards would be mine. Just now, only halfway through my 90 Days, I am joyful once again. Through her guidance in meditation and yoga, supported with thought-provoking lessons and exercises, enriched with our one-on-one coaching sessions, I have rediscovered my motivation and happiness. My self-care is becoming self-love because of Diana’s inspiration to do the “work”. Meditation is truly life’s elixir. If you are considering this program, do it. You ARE worth it."

 –Audrey C.

"I've been blessed to participate in this program and I cannot even express how life changing it has been for me! Meditation, yoga classes, yes, but SO much more than that too! The support from Diana is endless and the friendships made with others in the group are amazing! I highly recommend this program!!"

- Anita S.

"A big thank you to Diana! The '90-day Transformation program' has helped me to become happier. What changed? Meditating daily elevated my vibrations. I suffer from depression and anxiety. This program helped by reprogramming my life, which has alleviated my depression. I relearned meditation, and it helped me reach a deeper level. I learned different techniques of breath work. All of this was learned with the ‘eight limbs of yoga’. Each day, I meditated and became happier, and it also helped with my anxiety. I continue to make sure I meditate every day and continue my yoga practice."

-Lynette K.

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