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November 18, 2023 - June 15, 2024



Making Herbal Preparations

Learn to make herbal remedies to support your health, all year long. This is a self-paced, 8-month course with one live, online group session per month.

Making Herbal Preparations
Making Herbal Preparations

Time & Location

November 18, 2023 - June 15, 2024


About the event

With each season, different health challenges arise. In Winter, colds and flu are more of a concern, while Springtime brings seasonal allergies, for example. In this course, we will take a seasonal approach to herbal studies, making preparations that are helpful for each season's unique health challenges.  We will cover several herbs that are highly medicinal and commonly found in most areas, focusing on one herb per month in detail. You'll use this information to create your own herbal reference book, adding recipes and other useful info which you can refer back to when the need arises. There will be monthly homework assignments to complete at your own pace, and occasional quizzes for you to test your knowledge.

For beginners, this is a wonderful, hands-on way to build a solid foundation in Herbalism. Experienced herbalists will expand their knowledge while increasing their confidence in working with herbs and creating their own recipes.

  • Learn from an experienced herbalist how to make herbal infusions, tinctures, salves, oxymels, flower essences, infused oils and vinegars to support good health through each season.
  • Acquire simple, effective, and tasty herbal recipes each month and make them during the hands-on portion of the class.
  • Gather botanical data on some of the most useful and commonly available medicinal plants and learn to identify them.
  • Create your own herbal reference book, complete with recipes, materia medica, folklore, and more.
  • Learn how to harvest herbs and how to wildcraft (forage) them in a way that is ecologically sustainable.
  • Find out the best places to buy herbs
  • Learn how to process, dry and store herbs, as well as how to judge their quality and freshness.
  • Deepen your understanding of how plants affect the different systems of the body.
  • Take quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Classes meet over Zoom on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1:00-2:30 PM ET, starting on November 18th, 2023. Each session will be recorded and you'll have access to the replay, if you have to miss a live session. Attending live classes is strongly encouraged, in order for you to get the most out of this course.

Course Schedule:

November 18th - Lesson One: Getting Started, Herbs for Fall, Making Herbal Infusions. Hands-on: Make an Herbal Infusion.

December 16th - Lesson Two: Herbs for Winter Part 1, Herbal vinegars. Hands-on: Make "Tropical Fire Cider".

January 20th - Lesson Three: Herbs for Winter Part 2, Herbal syrups. Hands-on: Make Elderberry-Rose hip Syrup.

February 17th - Lesson Four: Herbs for Winter Part 3, Herbal-infused oils. Hands-on: Make an Herbal Infused Oil for the Skin.

March 16th - Lesson Five: Herbs for Spring Part 1, Spring Tonics, Seasonal Allergies. Hands-on: Make an Oxymel and a Spring Allergy Formula.

April 20th - Lesson Six: Herbs for Spring Part 2, The Herbal First Aid Kit. Hands-on: Make a First Aid Salve.

May 18th - Lesson Seven: Herbs for Summer Part 1, Tinctures and Glycerites. Hands-on: Make an Herbal Insect Repellant.

June 15th - Lesson Eight: Herbs for Summer Part 2, Harvesting, Wildcrafting, Drying and Storing Herbs; Flower Essences, Solar and Lunar Infusions. Hands-on: Make a Flower Essence and a Solar Infusion.

Course Fee: $360.00 USD. You may pay in full or reserve your spot with a $180 deposit --remainder is due by November 1st, 2023.

About the Instructor:

Diana Byron is a certified Herbalist who enjoys teaching others about medicinal plants and how to use them to support good health. Diana's journey as an Herbalist started shortly after she became a mother in 2010, while she was seeking natural health alternatives for her growing family. Diana has been offering herbal wellness consultations, classes and workshops for over 8 years. 


  • Making Herbal Preparations

  • Making Herbal Prep. - Deposit

    $180 remainder due by Nov. 1st, 2023




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