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Are online yoga classes right for you?

In these times of physical distancing, online classes are the way to go. However, when it comes to Yoga, some may find online group classes intimidating. Being on camera, especially during physical activity may not be comfortable for everyone, especially for beginners.

Yoga videos are great, but obviously lack the guidance of an instructor-led class. They also often lack some important components of a live class, such as warm ups or centering and relaxation.

As a Yoga teacher, I am concerned about safety and it's challenging to ensure that my students are practicing safely when teaching a group class online. If you are new to Yoga and decide to try a group class, a beginner level, gentle one is your safest bet. If you're not feeling up for a group class, nothing beats individual, personalized attention. This is where private, virtual classes come in handy. These one-on-one sessions are scheduled at the student's convenience and are tailored to their individual needs, abilities and goals. It's the next best thing to having a Yoga teacher at home, and is especially recommended for beginners. Some people have past injuries or other physical issues which may call for modifications, avoiding certain poses, or the use of props. I can guide my students easily in these private sessions and help them avoid injury. Looking to establish or continue a Yoga practice at home? See if virtual private classes are right for you.

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